Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Week 1

Title: Fleur Pont
Size: 12x11
I started with a 3H drawing pencil to sketch the basics of what I wanted. From there I colored it in and added details with colored pencils, and added some shadows with charcoal. To get a visual texture in some places, I took a little sandpaper and rubbed it over it slightly. Once this was all done, I sprayed the entire drawing with water to give it a slightly smudged look -- and then sprinkled some specks of charcoal over it. I let that dry, then glued it into a piece of cardboard that I had glued some newspaper and packing paper to, then smudged them with charcoal.

What I was trying to go for was a blossom garden that looked like an older painting -- I didn't really succeed with that, but I still see the blossoms!

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  1. Amazing! I love the different materials used in the frame and how the image has a lot of depth to it. I also really like the look of the random ink splotches on the frame.


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