Monday, January 21, 2013


Abstract art has always been fun to me -- you just get to go crazy and have fun. It doesn't matter if you "mess" up, because that's what the entire painting is.
For this one, I used an empty mascara tube, a comb, and a dish-washing brush (in addition to regular paint brushes) to add texture. I chose these colors to try to display my feelings about the future... It's all jumbled, and confusing, and scary. However, there's also hope and possibility and dreams. There's so much out there -- there will always be darkness, but you've got to try to find the light and happiness in it all.
12x18 Watercolor Paper
Creating one on the computer was, of course, a lot easier. You can get exactly the colors you're wanting, and it's so much easier to delete something if you mess up. For this one, I took my love of pinks and aqua, and combined them to create this. I'm not entirely sure what I was channeling here, but clearly there's something!

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